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Promote the development of global tourism industry, shenzhen man makes ecological power 'travel +' innovation mode

Date: 2018-02-09

In recent years, the global tourism development in full swing, "global travel" is to rise to the national strategy.Structural reform of the supply side, a growing number of local tourism industry as the pillar industry and even leading industry, global tourism as a whole will enhance the level of regional development strategy.Global tourism, is to fully implement the five tourism industry development strategy of the carrier, the strategic significance of global tourism development has surpassed even tourism itself.

In the "global travel" in 2017, under the background of the government work report, China will promote the pace of the "global travel" more practical, more firmly.According to official website, our country has become the world's largest tourism travel, travel up to 3.7 times per capita in 2017, the number of outbound tourism in the world's first, comprehensive contribution of tourism to the national economic and social employment of more than 10%, even more prominent strategic pillar industry.Global tourism construction, the group followed in optimal allocation of global resources, economic and social development in the whole domain, according to the standard of the scenic area overall planning and construction, build a global tourist comprehensive coordination management mechanism, to play a "travel + function", make the tourism and other related industries depth fusion, sheng, combined to form new productivity and competitiveness, through the tourism planning, planning, investment, construction and operation of the whole industry chain implementation skills, and in the ecological tourism construction and operation for the customer to provide holistic, systematic solution, build up the global tourism operation advantages unique characteristics of the man.

The group will have operation or under construction project on ecology and tourism to promote global tourism green development, global travel is an effective carrier of promoting green development, the ecology and tourism, the resources and products, the protection and development unification, the ecological environment into tourism development advantages, will become jinshan yinshan hills and green, create more wealth and green ecological benefits, global tourism will better protect the ecological environment, realize green development.Comply with the trend of modern tourism consumption demand to upgrade the strategic direction and in the industry for promoting the development of the whole tourism green field effective carrier.By raising the scenic area management mode, operation mode and infrastructure, the innovation theme activities, dig scenic resources advantages and a series of "inside and outside and repair" global tourism top-level design work.

Industrial chain point of view, man ecological scenic spot full implementation of the high-quality goods multiplication strategy, brand strategy, integration strategy, innovation strategy, to build "multi-functional, comprehensive, high quality well-known international tourist destination" for the overall operation strategy.In the process of development of global tourism, ecological achieved the integration of scenic spots inside and outside side, with visitors experience as the center, in order to improve the tourists' satisfaction as the goal, according to the domain of the scenic spot construction and service standards, to promote more than one gauge, and the overall optimization environment, beautiful landscape, optimize the whole process of tourist service, form a broad network of tourism.